Business Automation Software

BAS products

Business Automation Software (BAS) is a product line that has proven itself in successful implementations across enterprises of various types of activities

Standard Solutions

Software products that implement a common set of functions, i.e., they are maximally “standardized” for all types of businesses. They are divided into:

Industry-Specific Solutions

Software products for automating business processes related to the industry-specific nature of the enterprise. The functionality of the programs is aimed at maximum alignment with the needs of a particular industry.


A comprehensive set of tasks that will allow you to quickly start working in the new product.

Starting from express diagnostics and ending with experimental operation, we will make the transition process to the BAS product seamless.

Express Diagnostics

Analysis of your business processes for compliance with the functionality of the standard BAS solution. Creating a control sample.


Further refinement of the functionality of the standard solution as needed.

Initial Setup

Filling out accounting policies, configuring catalogs, etc.


Training your staff to work with the program, including the development of instructions for each workstation.

Experimental Operation

Methodological support during experimental operation.


Hourly Servicing

We provide services:

  • On-Site. In the customer’s office.
  • Remotely. This is done using remote access programs like AnyDesk, TeamViewer or through provided terminal access.
  • Remotely during non-business hours. Tasks requiring exclusive access to the information base can be performed during non-working hours. These tasks may include installing updates, making changes to standard solutions, creating backup copies, etc.


A set of information technology support services for comprehensive user support of automation systems. Users of automation systems receive up-to-date methodological information, software product updates, services for submitting regulated reports, exchanging tax and other electronic documents, and more.


Data migration

Loading data from any source (TXT, XLSX, DBF, XML, JSON, etc).

Exporting data in any format.


  • Exchange with client-bank systems
  • Web exchange (REST API)
  • Exchange between different BAS solutions (data conversion)


BAS extensions allow for modifications to the standard solution while preserving its status as a standard support. This way, expenses for performing standard update tasks will not increase, and the system will remain standard.

External processing

A tool for modifying application solutions without changing the standard solution.

Mobile applications

Running business automation solutions on mobile devices (iOS, Android).

Commercial equipment

Connecting and configuring the operation of commercial equipment with BAS solutions. (barcode scanners, cash registers, scales, receipt printers, etc.)

Custom solutions

Developing solutions from scratch to meet your specific needs.


Installing updates on modified standard solutions.

Addressing productivity and concurrency issue

Identifying key operations and critical errors

  • Duration of key operations and their integral assessments on the APDEX scale
  • Deadlock errors
  • System errors
  • Security errors
  • Cluster server failures
  • Cluster server hang-ups

Resolving productivity issues

  • Query optimization
  • Code refactoring

Addressing concurrency issues

  • Identifying and resolving deadlocks
  • Identifying and resolving lock escalations

Performing routine SQL SERVER operations
and configuring their automatic execution

  • Database backups
  • Database and transaction log trimming

Choose professionals


More than 15 years of experience working with business automation software.


Only certified specialists who have passed the relevant qualification exams.