ITS services

To ensure the relevance, uninterrupted, and comfortable operation of business automation software, as well as to provide consultancy and informational services regarding accounting and working with business automation software, users are offered various online information technology support (ITS) services .

ITS packages

For the convenience of ordering, online services are grouped into ITS packages.

Логотип Оновлення програмЛоготип Інформаційна система ІТСЛоготип Лінія консультаційЛоготип RDI ServiceЛоготип FREDO ЗвітЛоготип FREDO ДокМенЛоготип Консультації аудитораЛоготип ЛекторійЛоготип Пактум.Контрагент

Online services

Software Update

Software update logo

Receiving updates for applications and information about release plans.


Hotline logo

Consultations with technical support specialists by phone and email.


FREDO Звіт logo

FREDO Звіт is an integrated service within business automation software for submitting electronic reports to government agencies, administering VAT, registering tax documents (CIT/VAT) in the ERPN, and exchanging them with counterparties.

Auditor Consultations

Auditor Consultations logo

Personal written consultations from experts and auditors on accounting, tax, and personnel record-keeping matters, as well as assistance in drafting requests to the tax authorities.

Пактум. Контрагент

Пактум.Контрагент logo

Automated filling out of counterparty cards with data from publicly available government registries.


FlyDoc logo

Electronic Document Exchange directly from business automation software through the electronic document exchange server PTAH.

ITS Information System

ITS Information System logo

Information Resource on business automation software – guides, methodologies, manuals, consultations on software usage and legislation.

RDI Service

RDI Service logo

Updating periodic regulatory and reference information in standard application solutions.


FREDO ДокМен logo

Exchange of electronic documents (invoices, work completion reports, shipping documents, and other legally significant documents) with counterparties directly from business automation software without creating external intermediary files.


Lectures logo

Regular seminars with a review of legislation and its application in business automation software – in-person and video lecture formats.

ITS Industry-Specific

ITS Industry-Specific logo

A specialized ITS service designed to support users of specific industry-specific solutions.


Cashalot logo

Cashalot – a service for programmatic registration of financial transactions on the fiscal server of the regulatory authority.